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Hair types and its characteristics

Oily Hair types. Oily or Greasy hair looks lank and oily and needs frequent washing. Oily hair can be due to a hormonal imbalance; a diet too hygiene fatty foods; washing too often; or sometimes because the scalp has larger oil glands than normal.

Oily Hair Causes
* Overproduction of sebum as a result of hormone disturbances
* stress
* hot, humid atmosphere
* excessive brushing
* constantly running hands through the hair
* perspiration
* diet rich in saturated fat
The hair becomes oily, sticky and unmanageable in just a few days or sometimes within hours.

Dry hair types pretty common problem, is often dull with a dry or rough feeling, split ends, frizziness, and is difficult to comb or brush.

Dry hair gets its texture and dullness from raised cuticles on the hair shaft, which makes the hair more porous causing moisture to escape.

Find shampoos and conditioning treatments that are specially formulated to soothe dry hair.

How do i care for you flat fine hair Wash hair frequently with a mild cleanser and use a very light conditioner.


Gray hair is coarser and dryer than normal hair. Find shampoos formulated to protect and moisturize hair to restore its silvery luster while neutralizing yellowing and also hydrating and eliminating coarseness.

How do i care for my flat fine hair types? Your hair types can sometime tends to be limp, looks flat and difficult to style because it does not hold a style.

Fine hair type is hereditary, but the problem is often made worse. By using too heavy a conditioner can result in weighs the hair down, excessive use of styling products can have the same effect.